7 Nerdy New Year’s Resolutions

2019 is coming up quick, so it’s about time to set some new goals for the new year! Most people make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, drink less, or finally organize their lives. However, such goals are too ordinary for a nerd! Having trouble coming up with the perfect nerdy resolution? Here’s a list of seven must-haves for any true geek.

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Post of the Month!

Each month I try to recognize my followers by featuring one of my favorite posts. November’s Post of the Month is “Why Not?” by Junaisha. As exam week rolls in, I can definitely relate to the stress that she addresses in the post, and her message about just trying new things is wonderfully wholesome. On that note, soon I will be posting a suggestion list of nerdy New Year’s resolutions; stay tuned!

The Good and Bad of Iron Fist Season 2 (Part 1)


I recently watched the second season of Marvel’s Iron Fist, and I must say I did think it was better than the first season. (Okay, okay, I didn’t watch it that recently, and I know that a whole new season of Daredevil has come out since I watched Iron Fist. I probably won’t get there for a while though, since I am really wrapped up in Fairy Tail right now.) Of all of the Marvel Netflix series, I found Iron Fist to have the slowest beginning. By comparison, the second season was much more exciting. Of course, there were still many issues with it, but as always, the first post about a new show or movie is positive. Here’s what I liked about Iron Fist!

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Detective Pikachu Trailer

Recently, I went on YouTube because I was bored, and I was shocked to stumble upon a live-action Pokemon movie. Upon first seeing the trailer on my feed, I half-thought it was a fan trailer. However, I noticed it was released by Warner Bros, so I started watching. I was quickly laughing out loud because of the absurdity of a talking Pikachu, sounding like Deadpool, surrounded by actual people who are definitely not in Japan. Of course, I found Pikachu adorable, resembling a needle-felt creation with his fuzzy body.

Here are my three top questions:

1. Where is this taking place? The characters definitely aren’t all Japanese.

2. Why can Pikachu talk? Is this a comedy? Does it fit a Pokemon canon?

3. If this kid has resentment towards his dad (“I’m not” anything like him!), why is he searching for him?

I would elaborate more, but between my limited Pokemon knowledge and the short trailer, I’ll have to wait to see the movie to find out. What are your reactions to the trailer? Post in the comments below!

Stan Lee

Today Stan Lee passed away at 95. This was a difficult piece of information for me to process. He may have been old, but he didn’t act like it. He continued to give interviews, do cameos, and make everyone’s days a bit brighter. It doesn’t seem possible that he is suddenly gone.

I will miss him for his energy and positivity, and I know everyone else will as well.

Post of the Month!

I couldn’t find a more timely post by one of my followers than Vote! by Sara Gamachu. Having just sent my absentee ballot off in the mail today, I highly recommend that everyone take the time to fill out some bubbles this Tuesday. As much as we love fandoms like Star Wars and Marvel for their science fiction, we have to remember that a lot of their plots are based in the danger of losing democracy. Maybe the real world is more boring than fiction, but it is also more privileged. If she had the choice, Rey would vote, so you should too.